There seem to be two issues involved in the ageing of acetate tape, apart
from terrible storag conditions and physical abuse.

The onset of vinegar syndrome.  

The loss of water vapoor over the years, this serving as the plasticizer or
being among them.

Of these, the second is more prevelent, in my own experience, anyway.   

Years ago I tried saturating a bloter with water and placing it in a wide
film can with a reel of acetate in such way that the blotter did not make
phsical contact.  The idea flopped.

I wonder about using a vaporizer, using a power washer, etc.  What
temperature should the water be?  This problem really needs attention. It
seems an institutional project rather than  one done by various guys with
random testing and result analysis.  I hope this gets addresse in a
concerted way at the forthcoming ARSC meeting as, from various reports, it
seems to be a crisis with emerging recognition.

Steve Smolian

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> MR> if I can verify this) that Scotch tape used to come packed with a
> little
> MR> square of blotter paper.

Blotter Paper?   Reminds me of the sixties....

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