Hi Stewart:

That manufacturing error was supposed to be fixed! I will pass your e-mail along to the UMG folks 
ASAP. Please reply off-list and tell me exactly from which retailer you ordered it and when it was 

As for why the Perfect Presence discs were "broken up," this isn't an "issue!" It was intended! The 
only reason the Gershwin and Porter albums were combined onto one CD was to make a CD-length album, 
given the economics of single-CD releases in the 1990s. Bottom line, if you wanted to charge $12-15 
for a classical reissue CD, the thinking went, you needed to have at least 60 minutes of content on 
it. You'll notice that we are moving away from that in these many-CD boxes, going back to original 
LP sequences with new reissues. At $2-3 per disc, it makes more sense to keep the original "album" 
as it was put together by the original production team.

Anyway, you'll notice the Perfect Presence albums are now returned to their original sequences with 
their original cover art. They make more sense as stand-alone albums.

So, anyone else who gets a box with that manufacturing mistake, ping me off-list and I'll pass on 
your e-mail to the UMG folks. That was supposed to be all fixed before boxes got into retail. It was 
a printing error at the plant. These things happen with complicated products involving hundreds of 
individual pieces of digital art.

-- Tom Fine

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> Just received the box today. Two issues:
> 1) For Discs 10 & 11, the Tchaikovsky Symphonies, they printed the incorrect cover, duplicating 
> the Brahms Symphonies cover from Discs 1 & 2. The listing on the back is correct and the CDs 
> inside are also correctly labeled. Is this the case for everyone else?
> 2) Was there a reason for the break up of the Gershwin and Porter recordings onto two separate 
> discs? They were issued combined onto a single CD originally. (I though that with he exception of 
> the newly released material, these were dupes of the original CD issues.)
> DrG