On 3/27/2015 8:56 AM, David Day wrote:
> Here at BYU we are looking to purchase two phono pre-amps, one for a
> turntable dedicated to playing 78 rpm discs and a second dedicated to
> playing 16-inch transcription discs. Do any of you have
> recommendations for phono pre-amps that would be ideal for each
> format? Both turntables are modified Technics SL-1200MK2  built by
> Diapason Archive Turntable. We have a set of Grado cartridges in
> various sizes made for 78 rpm playback as well as some Stanton 680EE
> cartridges.
> The turntables are in carrels provided for students to listen to
> recordings in our Music Recordings Archive. The pre-amp signal will
> be sent to Tascam SS-CDR200s for headphone monitoring and to give the
> students the ability to capture to various formats.
> Anyone have experience with the Technolink TC-778 RIAA Phono Preamp
> with 78rpm Equalization? Is there anything out there that might give
> more flexibility in selecting multiple EQs? We have an Esoteric Sound
> turnover-rolloff device that is not working. Is it worth getting
> repaired? Is there a pre-amp that would work well with it?
> My budget is about $1,250 for each pre-amp. Would the money be better
> spend on better cartridges?
> Eager to learn from your experience and advise,

The first question is: how much will the students know in advance about
78 rpm curves? Having a selection of curves available is very useful for
someone who knows what's going on, and utterly bewildering for someone
who doesn't.

That said, the KAB VAP Mk2 might be a useful possibility, though its 
controls seem less than intuitive.


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