This is tangential to the topic, but I thought Technics users would be
interested in this info. Short of the very costly restorations of SP-10s,
this is the most adventurous mod of Technics DD tables I've seen. Removing
the power transformer from the unit makes sense, especially if using Grado
cartridges, though this particular design doesn't allow for variable speed.
The new bearing and feet are cool. All makes sense to me for LP, though how
much some of this noise reduction would matter with shellac, I dunno.

I also hadn't been aware of an Audio-Technica 2.5 mil mono cartridge, but
there is one:

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On 3/27/2015 8:56 AM, David Day wrote:
> Here at BYU we are looking to purchase two phono pre-amps, one for a 
> turntable dedicated to playing 78 rpm discs and a second dedicated to 
> playing 16-inch transcription discs. Do any of you have 
> recommendations for phono pre-amps that would be ideal for each 
> format? Both turntables are modified Technics SL-1200MK2  built by 
> Diapason Archive Turntable. We have a set of Grado cartridges in 
> various sizes made for 78 rpm playback as well as some Stanton 680EE 
> cartridges.
> The turntables are in carrels provided for students to listen to 
> recordings in our Music Recordings Archive. The pre-amp signal will be 
> sent to Tascam SS-CDR200s for headphone monitoring and to give the 
> students the ability to capture to various formats.
> Anyone have experience with the Technolink TC-778 RIAA Phono Preamp 
> with 78rpm Equalization? Is there anything out there that might give 
> more flexibility in selecting multiple EQs? We have an Esoteric Sound 
> turnover-rolloff device that is not working. Is it worth getting 
> repaired? Is there a pre-amp that would work well with it?
> My budget is about $1,250 for each pre-amp. Would the money be better 
> spend on better cartridges?
> Eager to learn from your experience and advise,

The first question is: how much will the students know in advance about
78 rpm curves? Having a selection of curves available is very useful for
someone who knows what's going on, and utterly bewildering for someone who

That said, the KAB VAP Mk2 might be a useful possibility, though its
controls seem less than intuitive.


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