On 3/30/2015 1:03 PM, John Haley wrote:

> As for record companies handing out lossy formats for review, that's just
> another sad indicator of the sad state of the recording world these days.
> That is true foolishness and stupid cost-cutting.  Obviously, in those
> instances, whoever is making the decision to do that just doesn't care much
> about reviews.  I think that carries over to not caring much about the
> artists being presented.

In a parallel development, record companies and individual artists are 
servicing radio stations with downloads rather than physical CDs when 
the company/artist is in one country and the radio station is in 
another, because the postage rates have gotten infernally high.
I can understand that, particularly for individual artists who 
self-publish. (I do a radio program of traditional folk music, and get a 
lot of recordings from self-publishing artists and tiny labels.)

But there's *no* excuse for distributing only in lossy formats, when 
FLAC has been available for years, and the software for generating FLAC 
files is free, easy to use, and reasonably quick.


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