Hi Jay:

I agree with you about reviewer copies -- the record companies are more than happy to "help" people 
like that NY Times writer, reviewers who don't want physical media. I can see the case from the 
reviewer side, but I wouldn't want to write about judgements on sound quality and even audio mix of 
a produced album, based on lossy downloads or streams. I wouldn't hesitate if I were given access to 
CD quality downloads, as has been the case with some reviews I've written. In those cases, if I'm 
sent a PDF that shows the final booklet/liner notes, then I have no problem commenting on how the 
artifact looks. If I'm sent a text document of the liner notes essay and album credits, I will 
discuss those but not talk about the packaging. In any case, right now the record companies 
definitely want to sell more CDs and CDs are a huge part of their business model.

You saying that you're selling more CDs than ever to libraries warms my heart! At least people will 
have full-resolution options when it all goes to streaming.

-- Tom Fine

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> The using of download files instead of hard copy is not related, in any way,
> to the demise of CDs.
> It is a matter of math as the download files cost almost nothing as compared
> to servicing publicists & reviewers with hard copy + shipping costs.
> I can tell you that Music Hunter is selling more CDs than ever to our
> library clients.
> My 2 cents.
> Jay
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> On 3/30/2015 1:03 PM, John Haley wrote:
>> As for record companies handing out lossy formats for review, that's
>> just another sad indicator of the sad state of the recording world these
> days.
>> That is true foolishness and stupid cost-cutting.  Obviously, in those
>> instances, whoever is making the decision to do that just doesn't care
>> much about reviews.  I think that carries over to not caring much
>> about the artists being presented.
> In a parallel development, record companies and individual artists are
> servicing radio stations with downloads rather than physical CDs when the
> company/artist is in one country and the radio station is in another,
> because the postage rates have gotten infernally high.
> I can understand that, particularly for individual artists who self-publish.
> (I do a radio program of traditional folk music, and get a lot of recordings
> from self-publishing artists and tiny labels.)
> But there's *no* excuse for distributing only in lossy formats, when FLAC
> has been available for years, and the software for generating FLAC files is
> free, easy to use, and reasonably quick.
> Peace,
> Paul
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