Hello, Michael,

The NBC one is 13 seconds. 

"I wish to you, too all who are listening, and to your dear ones, the best
of luck, happiness and prosperity.  Goodnight to everybody, goodnight." Up
music- Tchaikowsky's Romeo and Juliette theme.  Revers of the record is a
tribute to Marconi by Sarnoff, July 20, 1937. Matrix numbers are CS 011541
(Marconi, etc.); 011539 (Sarnoff. Blue label.

The General Voices from History is single sided, black label, vitrolac, and
is CS-051314.  This one is copyright 1939 by National Vocarium.  

(Intro) Now, through the istrument of his creation, Marconi speaks.  

Marconi: "Needless to say, I'm rather satisfied with the thought, in spite
of the great distance separating us, ..."

Those of you who were present at the Chicago Worl's Fair on October the
Second, 1943,(Marconi day), etc.  Marconi's reference is off by 10 years.
About 4 minutes.  It is clearly a dub from another, shorther disc or discs.
There are pauses, clicks, level changes, etc.  It ends  rather abruptly, "of
exchnging communication."  It's better sound tan the shortwave on the other

From the regularity of the noise, the source is possibly dictation

National Vocarium was Rober Vincent's baby.  His collection is at Michigan
State University.  

Right now, I'm not inclined to persue this further as I'm satified they are
two different events recorded. 

Steve Smolian 

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Hi Steve,
Guglielmo Marconi spoke without much of an Italian accent  - he was half
Italian his mother being Irish. Marconi himself was supposed to have
jokingly said that the Irish-American tenor John McCormack spoke better
Italian than he did. The recording you mention dates to 6th December 1935
and I think the BBC record library may be the holder of the original source
Best Wishes
Mike Quinn

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> >> I have two records purporting to contain Marconi's voice.
> >>
> >> One is an "On the NBC record in which, after a too long intro, 
> >> there is
> a
> >> brief message va shortwave of a gruff-voiced man.
> >>
> >> The other, about 3 miunutes plus intro, is on "General Voices from 
> >> History,"
> >> CS-051314, in which a person with an English accent, no trace of an 
> >> Italian one, recites his accomplishments.
> >>
> >> I'm suspicious of the second item.  Anyone have data on these?
> >>
> >> Steve Smolian
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