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Thanks for posting this...your #2 reverence caught my eye with Harold 
Beverage who was one of the major unsung radio pioneers. More about him 
is at



On 2015-03-09 11:45 AM, Chuck Howell wrote:
> Back in the office after snow-induced absence and pulled up this item in our audio holdings -
> au ac orig 113
> 1) Guglielmo Marconi. Early radio transmission development. Side 1: Speaking from his yacht near Genoa, Italy; as recorded at Sydney, Australia, in transmission received on March 26, 1930. Runs 5:45.
> 2) "The Human Side of Marconi," as aired on NBC Red radio network, July 24, 1937. Program covers Marconi's contributions to radio as told by John Cowden (RCA), H.E. Hallborg (RCA), Paul Godley (amateur or ham radio operator), Harold Beverage (Institute of Radio Engineers, or IRE).
> Not sure of the sound quality of cut 1. Let me know if it is of interest...
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