Hi Dave,

Technically, you are correct. However, it depends on the particular 
deck. Some, like the Pioneer 1020Q that I use for 1/4", 4 channel dubs, 
have a 4-channel play head that is closer to the 1/4Tr. format because 
you could only record in the 1/4Tr. format. Therefore, crosstalk (which 
would be a consideration for a Teac 3340, for example) was not such an 

Besides, as I mentioned, I will only do this if I'm concerned that I may 
only get one play from the tape involved. Otherwise, I have a Techinques 
RS-1520 for 1/4Tr. playback


Corey Bailey Audio Engineering

On 3/9/2015 6:09 PM, Dave Radlauer wrote:
> Careful there, I don't think there's a one to one relation between 4-track
> and 1/4 track formats, but I'm sure more knowledgeable voices will chime in.
> Dave R