I, too, recall but can't find the article, though it may have been one of
those 3M published bulletins as well.

I believe Del identified two kinds of print-through, one ccaused by too much
level and consequent leaf-to-leaf transfer of too much magnetism- I don't
know the techincal tern for that.  The other was a storage phenomenon of
slowly generated (or whatever THAT term is) movement of alterady recorded
program that was discharged during rewind.  In the former case, I believe it
was considered "baked in."   

Steve Smolian

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Somewhere have a copy of the article published years ago in one of the audio
magazines about a study done by 3M of the reduction in print-thru achieved
by fast winding of tape before playing. Presumably the rapid passage of the
tape over the metal tape lifters is responsible for this.

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> I'm not saying it's impossible that FFRR records were cut backwards, 
> but I highly doubt it. I will check with my Decca-expert friends at UMG
and report back if I uncover any facts.
> As far as tails out, doesn't "rewinding" the tape (which no one should 
> do with a fragile old tape -- play it back at normal speed or use a 
> very gentle library-wind mode -- provide the benefit of reducing some 
> print-through? We've discussed this on the Ampex list before, therre's 
> some research-proven benefit of fast-winding tape before playback, to 
> reduce print-through. Jay McKnight explained it in detail, it gets 
> into physics beyond my pay grade. I apparently did not receive the
education some on this list have mentioned, because the whole concept of
electromagnetism remains somewhat vague to me.
> -- Tom Fine