This is the 1960 3M Sound Talk for print through

There are 1000 papers listed in the Audio Engineering Society E-Library 
for the term print through.

The top one I got was one from 1980 by Neal Bertram et al. Neal 
understands this stuff better than most. Here is the link to that paper:

I don't know if Mallinson's books have much on that, but from all 
accounts he was a genius in this area.

I'm glad to see his book available in print-on-demand. I'd go with a 
used copy, however <smile>.

I can't guarantee what help it will be no time to look right now.



On 2015-03-12 12:45 PM, Steven Smolian wrote:
> I, too, recall but can't find the article, though it may have been one of
> those 3M published bulletins as well.
> I believe Del identified two kinds of print-through, one ccaused by too much
> level and consequent leaf-to-leaf transfer of too much magnetism- I don't
> know the techincal tern for that.  The other was a storage phenomenon of
> slowly generated (or whatever THAT term is) movement of alterady recorded
> program that was discharged during rewind.  In the former case, I believe it
> was considered "baked in."

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