Why wouldn't it be worst in the middle of the reel, where the conflicting magnetic fields are on 
both sides of the tape? It seems like the inside would be prone because many tapes were last played 
on constant-torque machines and thus the tape pack is tighter at the center of the reel. The outside 
would be not prone due to looser tape pack and the fact that there is no conflicitng magnetism on 
the outside of the outside. I would think the inside would be somewhat less prone than the middle 
because there's no conflicting magnetism on the inside of the inside. But I ain't a physicist!

I was always told what Mike said about why you store a FT or 2T tape tails out -- because if you get 
print-through that way, it's a post-echo.

I'm somewhat surprised by Ellis's story about such audible print-through on 35mm mag-film. One of 
the touted advantages of 35mm vs. tape in the brief time it was used as a music mastering medium was 
"no print-through" due to the thick film medium and magnetic emulsion.

-- Tom Fine

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> That is the part I don't understand.  Why would it propagate outwards more
> easily than inwards?  It's the same distance either way.
> We just restored "My Fair Lady" about a year ago from the original master
> 6-track mag.  It did have print through throughout, though I think we were
> able to fix a lot of it.  I'll have to check out the section Michael
> mentioned.
> Ellis
> On Thu, Mar 12, 2015 at 4:30 PM, Michael Biel <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>> Another factor is that print thru generally goes from the center of the
>> reel
>> outwards  -- really through the plastic base to the bare oxide touching
>> the base.  If you store the tape heads out you will more likely get a
>> pre-echo from the print thru.  Tails out storage gives you a post-echo
>> which is more natural and less noticeable.
>> I remember when Showtime premiered the film of My Fair Lady, which they
>> took off an original print with magnetic sound.  In years of storage it
>> had loads of print thru, both pre and post.  Of course some of it could
>> be a few seconds away from the original sound if it was on the outer
>> edge of a reel, but I have a feeling that "I've Grown Accustomed To Her
>> Face" had been on a core at the start of a reel.  Where Higgens is
>> walking and then stops and shouts DAMN! we heard at least five pre and
>> five post DAMNS! starting at low volume and getting louder and then
>> softer.  Somewhere I have the tape I made of this.