blocked in Germany for reasons of music copyright

Dieses Video ist in Deutschland leider nicht verfügbar, da es Musik von 
SME enthalten könnte, über deren Verwendung wir uns mit der GEMA bisher 
nicht einigen konnten.

Am 20.03.2015 23:16, schrieb Steve Ramm:
> When I was in Pittsburgh for the Fall ARSC Board meeting, I came in early
> the day before and stayed through late afternoon Sunday to "experience"
> Pittsburgh. All the things I did were within WALKING distance of the hotel (I
> even took photos of the rooms). I posted this 13 minute video on You Tube
> last  year but it bears mentioning it again now.
> For those on the fence as to whether to come, maybe this will help. For
> those committed to coming, I encourage yiu to fly home in late afternoon or
> early evening if possible and use Sunday to see things. Note that I had NO
> time  to visit any museums.
> I hope you enjoy this. Here is the link:
> Steve Ramm

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