Are the European versions of this box all the same, or do they
have jackets/booklet in native language ???  Or is the book multi-lingual ???
The UK set is price attractive, but the British pound has not lost as much value as the Euro, so sources selling in Euro's
are VERY inexpensive at the moment.  But I would want the texts to be in English.....
  Best wishes, Thomas.

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Bought from Amazon UK on 14 March-final cost, with shipping was $127.44.
It is, as they say, in the mail.

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> Here is a link to a PDF of the CD box booklet, so you can see exactly 
> what's inside:
> l=0
> Also, there is definitely inventory in US retail channels now, so the 
> March 24 release date is legit and orders will be filled.

Frank B Strauss, DMD