DAS: New York
May 8, 2015  . New  York, NY

Since 2007, AMIA's Digital Asset Symposium (DAS) has brought together speakers and case studies providing a unique opportunity to compare approaches from a wide variety of institutions dealing with the same digital challenges.  Bringing together content creators, technologists, and caretakers  to address the full lifecycle of a media asset.

The preliminary lineup for DAS: New York includes case studies from WWE Network, the Belgium Ministry of Culture, the HyperTED project, MoMA and John Hopkins University.    .

"DAS is a unique international event that brings together an unparalleled cross-section of domain experts in a pragmatic, engaging and educational format to discuss the most current challenges and breakthroughs in managing digital assets today. I am extremely excited about witnessing the cross-pollination and convergence of ideas that will emerge from the amazing lineup of speakers and presentations we pulled together for this DAS," said Chris Lacinak, the DAS New York program chair.

Program and speaker information for DAS New York, as well as clips and interviews from previous DAS events are available on the website.

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