I want to share my announcement about the launch of The Spirituals Database.  Please address any suggestions or comments to me at [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>.  Thanks, Randye

The Spirituals Database is a searchable database of nearly 1600 tracks from recordings of Spirituals written for the solo voice.  Launched in March, 2015, it is part of The Art of the Negro Spiritual<> and carries on that project's efforts to discover and share information about this music's potential role in developing a singer's repertoire.

The  project's goal is the eventual publication of a discography of Spiritual art songs.

The primary-but far from exclusive-audience is the voice student and coach/teacher who is looking for these recorded resources.  All too often, recordings may be the first exposure a vocalist or vocal instructor has to the Spiritual.  That person, likely unfamiliar with the genre and with the singers who have recorded these art songs, can use The Spirituals Database to find these recorded resources for the study of how Spirituals can be performed in a concert setting.

Even the more experienced performer of this repertoire will have reason to seek out information about the wide range of recordings-including a number of rare or out-of-print long-playing (33 1/3 rpm) and 78 rpm albums, audio cassettes and 45 rpm discs-represented here.
The Spirituals Database is located at

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