I am that person, and, no, I don't need to contact you, and, frankly, your condescension on this speaks volumes. Almost as if you had a vested interest in the status quo or something... (Full disclosure: my employer's business model used to be based on the opposite: it no longer is) Please don't start with me on fixed fields: tell me how often you've had to deal with figuring out the actual country of publication for a record with multiple ISBNS. Tell me you'd assume liability based on it. 

No, I've spent the last 20 years working to make computers understand AACR2. Theoretically, I could be "licensed librarian" in two (full disclosure: I am not a librarian). Are you saying that as a 20 year library technologist I can't crack the marc/aacr2 nut? If so, wouldn't that be more damning of MARC/aacr2?

I guarantee that if you actually worked with the MARC records that are in the majority (and didn't have a stake in a company that supplies a subset of quality MARC data) you would never suggest relying on the fixed fields for this. 

Fixed fields could potentially help me limit to what's been published in England. If I'm not interested in things published in London, Oxford, or Cambridge (which, let's be realistic, will be the lion's share), the burden's on me to wade through the results to find what I want. 

And yet, all it takes is one interested (possibly non-library) person to identify the publishers in the West Midlands and all of the libraries in Birmingham, warwickshire, worcestershire, staffordshire, etc. has a curated set locally published resources.

Something libraries are completely unable to do currently. 

Let's bring this closer to home: provide me, using fixed fields, all of the resources in Vancouver Public Library that were produced in southern B.C. I don't see any indication that "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" was shot in Vancouver here: http://troy.lib.sfu.ca/search~S1?/.b6509804/.b6509804/1%2C1%2C1%2CB/marc~b6509804 which has nothing to do with library systems not working with fixed fields: the data isn't even there to work with. 

On Friday, March 6, 2015, J. McRee Elrod <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Ross said:

>How, with my MARC records alone, can I definitively limit only to ebooks?
>What has been published in the West Midlands?

By utiling fixed fields which make those distinctions.  What is needed is
ILS development to utilize present data, not reinventing the wheel.

If your ILS can be programmed, and your IT person does not know which
fields has this data, have him/her get in touch with me.

Granted a slightly wider net than "West Midlands" may be needed.  But
I don't see that improving with Bibframe.

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