Plum Island library has a couple journals up for grabs! We will pay for 

Veterinary Pathology: Volumes 32-49 
Missing: V. 49 #1, V46 #3, V45 #2, and V44 #6

American Journal of Pathology: Volumes 174-182
Missing V179 #5, V180 #1 V182 #4,5,6

Alternatively, we have been looking for places to donate our excess 
journals to. We have had no luck finding a place that will take used 
journals more than 5 years old. So if anyone has any donation suggestions, 
I would love to hear them! 

Thank you! 

Sonya Bancroft
Scientific Record Assistant / Library Services 
Leidos / Dept. of Homeland Security 
Plum Island Animal Disease Center 
P.O. Box 848 Greenport, NY 11944
p: (631) 323-3417 / f: (631) 323-3086
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