Good morning, it's time for a recompete on our ILS contract and we are requesting input from other federal agencies with a similar sized collection (although any and all input is very welcome!).  Our collection includes about 10,000 monographs and we currently have EOS.

If we could receive your response by the end of the week, we would be most appreciative.

  *   What is your current ILS?
  *   What was your previous ILS and when did you switch to the new system?
     *   If you can share, what was the initial price (at the time of conversion)?
  *   What was the length of time record migration/conversion?
     *   How far in advance of completed migration did your library begin converting records?
     *   Any best practices or lessons learned you could share?

*        How happy are you with your current IL?

*        Is there anything (e.g. features, etc.) you wish you had included, but didn't?

  *   Would you be willing to share your requirements or SOW?
  *   Anything else you would be willing to share with us that might assist us?

I will summarize responses and thank you in advance for any help you can provide!

Ramona Howerton
Reference Librarian
Office of Management - Library Services
Comptroller of the Currency

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