Public Meeting regarding re-accreditation of the LIS program; might be of
interest to CUA LIS Alumni! -- Ana Elisa

Dear CUA LIS community,

We are pleased to announce that CUA LIS is scheduled for its regular ALA
reaccreditation review in the spring of 2016. The reaccreditation process
involves an extensive self-assessment, where we consider our
accomplishments, strengths and challenges, and how we can improve by
charting a course forward.

This review process involves all of our academic and professional
stakeholders: students, faculty, instructors, staff, alumni, employers,
campus partners, and other interested parties. A number of committees whose
membership reflects the diversity of our community will work together and
maintain communication with you throughout this process.

We will keep you updated on our ongoing activities through various
channels, including the LIS accreditation webpage ( We will share our
accreditation documents for your review, feedback, and input here, which
will also include information on accreditation-related events.

Our first public meeting, where we will share the Plan for the Program
Presentation and ask for your feedback and input, will be held on:

Tuesday, March 10, 6:00pm – 8:00pm
Columbus School of Law, Room 204
Please note: This event will be recording and posted on our website

There will be a number of events and opportunities for your participation
over the next 14 months. Save the date for the site visit, April 3-5, 2016.
We plan to host a reception on Sunday the 3rd for the site visit team to
meet with students, alumni and other stakeholders – that means you!

Please keep an eye on our web page and the email listservs for more
information. We hope that each of you will participate in this process.

Bill Kules