Hi Everyone -

I just wanted to send an e-mail to invite you and your staffs to the Department of the Interior Library on Thursday, April 9th from 10:00 to 11:15 am for a training session entitled "WestlawNext: Introduction and New Features" part of our series of free training sessions at the DOI Library.

In this class, a West Group trainer will demonstrate WestSearch, West’s new powerful search engine designed for legal research on WestlawNext.  Attendees will see how WestlawNext enables them to search across West’s legal databases in one universal search.  They will be shown how WestlawNext organizes search results by content type and how to filter those search results.  Then the class will review the editorial enhancements of a case including West’s exclusive synopsis, headnotes and their exclusive Key Numbering System, tools that help users better understand a case and help them easily find additional cases.  Attendees will also be shown how Keycite works in WestlawNext, including how one can more quickly determine if your case is still good law.  Additionally, the class will review new tools included in WestlawNext designed to make users more efficient, including creating electronic notes on a case, copying a citation with a reference into a document with the correct citation format, and creating project folders.  Finally, attendees will be shown how to find a specific database and search using terms and connectors in WestlawNext. 

All that are interested are invited.  Please note that the new DOI Library is located in Room 2262 of the Stewart Lee Udall Department of the Interior Building. The Stewart Lee Udall Department of the Interior Building is located at 1849 C Street, NW in Washington, DC.  Space for the program is limited so please go to the following link to register:


Also note that this class is also being offered to remote users as a simultaneous online webinar.  Please indicate on the online registration form if you wish to obtain information about webinar access to this program.   

You may contact the Library by phone at (202) 208-5815 or by e-mail at library@ios.doi.gov for more information about this program or if you have trouble registering using the link above.  For more information about the DOI Library, its resources, and its services, please visit our website at http://www.doi.gov/library.

We hope that you can attend either in person or virtually on April 9th!

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