Subject: FEDLINK Partnership with SLA to Launch First Continuing Education Program at the SLA Annual Conference, June 13, 2015, Boston

FEDLINK and the Government Information Division of the Special Libraries Association (DGI/SLA) will launch their first joint continuing education program entitled "Best Practices in Acquiring and Managing Information Resources in U.S. Government Agencies" at the SLA 2015 Annual Conference in Boston, June 13, 2015.

A tight budget or funding cuts in library acquisitions programs in U.S. government agencies does not necessarily mean reducing or eliminating the acquisitions of mission-critical information resources in their special libraries or information resource centers.  It does mean that federal acquisitions librarians must be innovative to manage their programs more efficiently and effectively to balance financial requirements with the information and research needs of customers.

This course will prepare attendees to meet the challenges and to sharpen their skills in acquiring and managing information resources in federal agency libraries.  It will cover best practices in federal acquisitions, including strategic sourcing, Federal Acquisitions Regulations (FAR), contracts, budgeting and funding, benchmarking, consortial purchasing, pricing negotiations and structure, market research, licensing and databases, serials, and electronic resources and books.

Course instructors are federal librarians, technical information specialists, program managers, senior-level executives, contract attorneys, and library school professors.  Participants who complete the course will receive a training certificate.

Registration is now open at the SLA 2015 Annual Conference Website.

For more information, please visit the course website at