Hi, Joe,

Massachusetts CfB has had them in past and will write one again 
sometime but at present we are working with a short list of agreed 
upon objectives as we rebuild a board that can then engage in 
strategic planning.  

A good SP shouldn't be written by one person ... it really takes 
a village -- whether it's a governing or advisory board.  You need to 
work with the input of all the folk who are going to help you 
accomplish what the plan contains. 

my .02

Cheers, Sharon 

Sharon Shaloo, Executive Director
Massachusetts Center for the Book
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On Tue, 10 Mar 2015 19:27:17 -0400, Joe Davich  wrote:

       Hi Everyone-
I was just wondering if any other state centers have in place, or are 
currently working on strategic plans?
We are considering putting one in place, but I wanted to see if any 
centers used them, and how far into the future they were planned?
Joe Davich
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