Reported in today's Wall Street Journal, with an equally depressing graphic:

1. 1996 global music sales as reported by International Federation of the Phonographic Industry: $40 

2. 2004 global music sales as reported by IFPI: $21 billion.

3. 2015 global music sales as reported by IFPI: about $15 billion.

3a. World population in 1996 was about 5.8 billion. In 2014, it was 7.2 billion (U.N. figures)

3b. 1996-2014, global gross domestic product from about 40 trillion US dollars to over 100 trillion 
US dollars (

4. In 2015, for the first time, downloads and streaming sales total was higher than CDs and other 
physical media: $6.9b vs. $6.8b. (the remaining $1.3 billion in sales came from radio airplay and 
songs licensed for movies and video).

5. Net-net, phyiscal media is now about 45% of total music sales, and still losing ground. 
Streaming/subscription is the growth area. Downloads are also sliding. The world of artwork, 
physical product and ownership of one's purchased music is slipping away. Furthermore, recorded 
music appears to be of declining value to an increasing world population with increased spending