The Youtube version from the RCA CD isn't all that bad. There's probably more top end to be 
recovered. For an Elvis reissue of that era, it's not full of digital over-processing artifacts.

Regarding Lou's HIGHLY cynical suggestion, yes I think it's sort of a publicity stunt by Jack White 
("the guy in the hat"), because he's going to reissue it on his own label. The question is, will the 
end result sound better than what RCA already achieved 25 years ago? If so, then yes it's worth the 

-- Tom Fine

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> My Happiness is all over Youtube. Here's one
> It was issued in 1990 by RCA on Elvis: The Great Performances.
> That's Where Your Heartaches Begin is on youtube at
> He had also recorded it for RCA in Jan 1957 with the Jordanaires and I
> am having trouble figuring out which RCA issue is of the lacquer.  But
> you can hear both of these on line.
> And yes this was a publicity stunt from beginning to end. Remember, this
> is the jackass with the Paramount boxes.
> Mike Biel  [log in to unmask]
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> the Country Music Hall of Fame
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> THIS is an interesting and important tidbit. If it has been previously
> re-issued, it is not such a big deal, except for the video of it being
> played.There is no evidence of the digital recording in the video that I
> saw -I think it was staged for the glorification of the guy in the hat!
> Basically a publicity stunt, probably re-created and not actual. Or am I
> too cynical?
> Any info on the RCA issues?
> <L>
> Lou Judson
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> On Apr 16, 2015, at 7:25 PM, Michael Biel <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>> As for the Elvis disc and the family, Elvis had given the disc at the
>> time it was recorded to a friend who had a phonograph so he could listen
>> to it. The friend later became an airline pilot. When he retired a few
>> years ago the record surfaced and I thought he had given it back to the
>> family. Apparently not. It had been used by RCA for issues but it now
>> was auctioned off by the pilot's family.
>> Mike Biel [log in to unmask]
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