These were called Evatone Soundsheets back in the day. I have the original demo kit that Evatone 
handed out at an AES meeting. It included a political promo speech by then governor Ronald Reagan, 
some various marketing records and a couple of generic pop tunes. Time-Life used these things 
widely, inserting them in magazines to sell such subscription series as "The Symphony," and "Legends 
of Jazz". There were also Evatone Soundsheets bound into World Book's Science Year annual. I have 
one about dog communications and one with whale or dolphin sound recordings. My cousin's high school 
chior put out a Christmas album on an Evatone Soundsheet. There was also one inserted in Audio 
Magazine to put sound to their 2-part series about the history of recorded sound.

The Deerhoof book/soundsheet idea is fascinating. I wonder how feasible it would be today to have a 
book with bluetooth connectivity and an accompanying app for smartphones. When the page turned, 
different audio would play on the phone via bluetooth.

-- Tom Fine

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