On 4/20/2015 8:19 PM, Corey Bailey wrote:
> I transferred a few of these for a client a couple of years ago. The
> difficulty I had was getting the discs (which had a slight curl to them)
> to lay flat. My solution to the problem was to use a blank lacquer disc
> as a base then used the capillary effect of distilled water to hold the
> discs flat. I squeegeed the excess water using a linen "Texwipe". The
> process worked quite well.

Gives a new meaning to "wet playbaxk".

I remember Sing Out!, a magazine about folk music, bound into each copy 
a Flexi Disc containing the songs featured in the issue. They never 
stayed flat either, since the magazine inevitably got folded by the 
Postal Service. And the expense nearly bankrupted the magazine, but 
board member (and regular columnist) Pete Seeger had threatened to 
resign if they didn't include the discs, so that readers who didn't read 
music could learn the songs.


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