On 4/21/2015 8:49 AM, Mondt, Amy K wrote:
> Here at the Vietnam Archive, we have used an Otari DAS to digitize reel to reel tapes in our collection for many years.  Sadly, the Otari is no longer operational, so we are looking for a replacement system.  Are there new digitizers out there?  Where are the best places to purchase new systems?  What is the best, low maintenance system?  What are you guys using and why do you like it?  I am not an AV person, I don't even know how to run a reel to reel player, but I will be making the purchasing decision, so any advice you guys can offer will be greatly appreciated!

Hi Amy:

I don't know of all-in-a-box digitizers, but a decent-quality 
reel-to-reel player (Ampex, Studer, ReVox, Otari, Tascam) can be paired 
with any good-quality digital interface to do the job you're talking 
about. The tape decks aren't being made anymore, but can ber gotten in 
the used market and brought up to snuff by a competent technician -- and 
since you'll be using the deck for playback only, the alignment will be 
much simpler.


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