I'm using Access.  

Record numbers for 78s. 

I break down manufacturer's number into prefix, number,and suffix.  All
three are formatted as text fields.  Each number consists of six digits with
leading zeros (Access number fields discard leading zeros, so it has to be
text.)  My later version of Access allows sorting on as many fields as one
likes. At least 10, which are more than I need. I order them by label name,
number, by prefix, and by suffix.  When one puts in the -D for Columbia, for
instance, Access asks what formulas or operations you want that begin with
the -D.  You have to hit "delete" for everything past the -D which take out
all the following characters.  When sorted in numerical order, they list as,
say, Victor  
1, with the 5 zerose in fron, then  10, etc, then 11-0001, etc.  These are
the record number sorting fields.

In a separate field I write in the number as I wish to see it: Victor
11-1000, for example.  When sorting, the 4 field number can be hidden and
the complete number shown. 

There is a field for side numbers.  1, 2, 1 & 2 of 2, 3 & 4 of 7, etc.  If
there is more than one selection on a side, I add .01, .02, etc.
Steve Smolian 

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I second Larry's comment.  Access drove me nuts too, and wasn't worth the

I use a single template but maintain separate databases for my cylinders,
78s, LPs, CDs, radio broadcasts, and videos.  Every once in a while I merge
them into a single database.  I love the ease with which I can search & sort
in FileMaker.


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> Hi Sam,
> I used to use Microsoft Access, but its fussiness made me crazy. Now I 
> use Filemaker Pro. It's not perfect, but it's user-friendly and 
> eminently workable. I recommend it.
> -Larry
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> Greetings,
> I'm taking an informal survey to see what kind of database 
> applications any subscribers are using to catalog their personal
collections. Brian?
> Beyond Category? An Access app? A Filemaker one?
> I know there are a lot of file tag utilities out there. I think Tom F.
> especially recommended PerfectMeta (correct me if I'm wrong). But what 
> I'd really like to know of are tools that you use for personal 
> cataloging of CDs, LPs, 78s, etc. In particular, tools you really like!
> Thanks.
> Sam Brylawski
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