Hi, Jan,

If the LN is the 18-micron stuff this might be part of what the British 
Library reported on a decade ago of very thin tapes being difficult to 
unreel. The impression I had was this applied only to reels that were 
2400 or 3600 feet on a 7-inch reel. They unwound VERY slowly (1 rpm) and 
blew warm air over the tape before respooling. They built a device that 
was nick-named "The Grandfather Clock" as that's sort of what it looked 
like. The tall part was the warm-air chamber.

I never knew all the details of this project and, unfortunately, Peter 
Copeland, the guiding light at the British Library is now gone. However, 
his work-in-process book is available here:

(PDF link at bottom right but please read the nice text first)



On 2015-04-09 11:57 AM, Jan Myren wrote:
> HI!
> My experience with Maxell reel to reel tapes has so far been good, they have used to held up well. I have used the UD, UDXL and XL1 a lot with great results.
> But recently I found a LN tape (low noise) is beginning to get sticky.
> Any other with similar experience with Maxell LN reel to reel tape?
> All the best
> Jan
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