On 4/9/2015 2:12 PM, Tom Fine wrote:
> TOTALLY AGREE WITH CLARK! And yes, I'm "shouting!" Find the best
> possible source of the media you want to transfer. CLEAN IT with
> knowledge and care. Play it with the right stylus, at the right speed
> and with the right EQ curve (and often "right" is what sounds best
> because there is very little concrete documentation of recording curves
> especially in foreign markets and especially in non-studio recordings).
> Transfer it at high resolution, then be conservative and tasteful with
> your digital restoration tools. This all sounds logical and common sense
> based. But listen to most of the CDs reissuing 78s and you hear that few
> people follow these steps, few people have good taste with using
> "restoration tools," and many people seem to think consumers either
> can't hear garbage work or don't care because they expect terrible sound
> from 78s.

Or they think the public hates hiss and scratches so much that they're 
willing to put up with mangled music.

A hearty amen to all the sentiments Clark & Tom expressed, except that 
I'd make a flat transfer and archive that.


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