There are Soundcloud excerpts on the descriptor page:

I hear a LOT of digital artifacts on some of the tracks. It might be lossiness from Soundcloud but 
you'd think they'd want to put a better foot forward.

-- Tom Fine

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> In the March issue of Stereophile magazine, Robert Baird's article, on p. 130, describes the
> current reissue of a boxed set of 9 CDs by Mosaic Records: "The Complete Dial Modern
> Jazz Sessions". These famous bop recordings on the Dial label have been reissued before,
> and Baird quotes Mosaic's Michael Cuscuna who praises the audio improvements wrought by
> mastering engineer Steve Marlowe who performs "bit density processing". Backer says the
> result is "pretty dramatic": "he (Steve) goes bit by bit by bit and ferrets everything out.  It's 
> very
> tedious and very time consuming". Backer says re-equalization was performed, and (presumably)
> pitch stabilization. Compared to the Savoy Records reissue from 2002, he says the sound has
> "a much more three-dimensional presence -- a bigger, rounder sound -- and the high-frequency
> response is greatly improved overall".
> I reached out to Steve Marlowe (via Jonathan Horwich) but have not heard back from him.
> I've had no experience with DSD, so I'm curious to know what might be meant by "bit density
> processing".  Perhaps others can suggest the answer?
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