I am not clear on the history of the records themselves. Disk transfers were used to make the Savoy 
reissues, so what happened to the disks and why can't new transfers be made? Which brings up another 
question -- wasn't at least some of this Dial material reissued in the LP era, presumably from 
disk-to-tape transfers? So was a search undertaken for those tapes? I would think, if you did a 
high-resolution Plangent transfer on those tapes (thus removing the mechanical artifacts of the tape 
dub), you'd have a decent shot at sculpting the disk sound to taste, without digital artifacts if a 
tasteful and skilled engineer is at work, using modern DSP tools.

Ideally, you'd want to re-transfer the disks using a more competent playback and modern 
high-resolution digital technology. In lieu of that, I would think old LP master tapes would be 
preferable to trying to "fix" badly-done 44.1/16 materal. I haven't heard any of the Savoy reissue 
CDs in ages, but it's possible at least some of those digital artifacts were native to those 
remasters, and cannot be removed by any "bit-whatever" method.

All of this is too bad because musically, the examples in the Soundcloud area on that page are very 
interesting. I'm not in the Charlie Parker cult, but I find his music interesting because it 
influenced so much jazz that I enjoy. The material from the other Dial artists in this set is also 
interesting because I don't think much of it was previously available.

-- Tom Fine

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> Tom,
> I didn't realize that some titles can be heard on the Mosaic web site.
> The sound is very unnatural, IMO.
> I'm sorry to see Mosaic make such a mistake!
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>>> There are Soundcloud excerpts on the descriptor page:
>>> I hear a LOT of digital artifacts on some of the tracks. It might be lossiness from Soundcloud 
>>> but
>>> you'd think they'd want to put a better foot forward.
>>> -- Tom Fine