I wonder how heavy-handed the "cleanup" will be with this. It sounded to me like the disk was in 
very bad condition and it will be difficult but not impossible to get musical-sounding and 
relatively clean end result. It will require an artist to get the right aesthetic.

The recycled Sun label is a great touch.

To my ears, the pitch seemed off. I have listened to a lot of Elvis in my lifetime, granted it's all 
been produced commercial recordings, but the register of the voice on the YouTube video seems high 
for even a young Elvis.

Jack White should release 96/24 WAV of the flat transfer and let various experts and would-be 
experts try their hand at cleanup. He might well end up with a better result than turning it over to 
one person he might know or know of.

-- Tom Fine

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> Video of Elvis’ first recording, a 10-inch lacquer disc purchased by Jack White for $300k being 
> transferred by Alan Stoker at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, TN:
> Clearly things went well, but wet transfer of a lacquer sure makes me nervous.
> -Aaron
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