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The Long Shadow of the Little Giant: The Life,
Work and Legacy of Tubby Hayes written by Simon Spillett is now

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The Long Shadow of the Little Giant: The
Life, Work and Legacy of Tubby Hayes
by Simon
Hardback, 388 pages, 40 b/w
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Series: Popular Music


Forty years have elapsed since the death of the British jazz legend Tubby
Hayes and yet his story still continues to captivate. Beginning as a
precociously talented teenage saxophonist, he took first the local and
then the international jazz scene by storm, displaying gifts equal to the
finest American jazzmen, appearing with none other than Duke Ellington and
proving almost single-handedly that British jazz need not labour under an
inferiority complex. Hayes' triumphs during the 1950s and 60s enabled
still later generations of English musicians to take their music onto the
world stage. However his story has rarely been accurately recorded.
Distorted by the folklore surrounding his tragically early death, aged
only 38, much of what has been written, broadcast and recounted about
Hayes has added only confusion to our understanding of his short but
brilliant life.
In this book, award-winning saxophonist and writer
Simon Spillett, widely regarded as the world's leading authority on Hayes
and his work, painstakingly outlines a career which alternated
professional success and personal downfall. Using credible eye-witness
recollection, drawn from conversations with Hayes' family, partners,
friends and musical colleagues, unique access to Hayes' own tape,
photographic and personal archives, and extensive contemporary research
material, Spillett has reconstructed the trajectory of his subject's life
both candidly and respectfully. Hayes' meteoric musical rise from boy
wonder to youthfully mature virtuoso, from saxophonist to
multi-instrumentalist and composer is faithfully documented, as is his
struggle for relevance as rock, pop and the avant-garde took over the
musical landscape in the 1960s and, for the first time, the opaque world
of his inconsistent and troubled personal life is recounted in full. His
unsettled childhood, his battles with addiction and ill-health and his
difficult personal relationships are all exposed, and the confused
accounts of his final days are unravelled and made clear as never
The Long Shadow of The Little Giant also traces
Hayes' path through one of the most vibrant periods of history, beginning
in the austerity of post-World War Two London, through the "never had
it so good" 1950s, the "Swinging Sixties" and into the
privations of the "State of Emergency" early Seventies, and
outlines the cultural and musical developments of the times which
underpinned the life of arguably the UK's finest ever jazz




1. A Face not Built for Gloom (1935-1951)

2. Boy Wonder Terrorist (1951-1955)

3. '56 not '45 (1956-1958)

4. The End of the Old Order (1958-1959)

5. Now its Who have they Got? (1959-1961)

6. Down in the Village (1961-1962)

7. Tubby Hayes Loves you Madly (1963-1964)

8. The Best of Both Worlds (1964-1965)

9. Addictive Tendencies (1966-1967)

10. The Other Scene (1967-1968)

11. The Beginning of the End (1969-1972)

12. It'll be me Next (1972-1973)

Afterword: The Lost Leader - The Legacy of Tubby Hayes


Author Biography:

Simon Spillett is a British jazz saxophonist who leads his own quartet
featuring John Critchinson (piano), Alec Dankworth (bass) and Clark Tracey
(drums). He has won several awards for his music, including the tenor
saxophone category of the British Jazz Awards (2011), Jazz Journal
magazine's Critic's Choice CD of the Year (2009) and Rising Star in the
BBC Jazz Awards (2007).