On 4/11/2015 1:53 PM, Corey Bailey wrote:
> Regarding your “Dream Preamp” comments:
> If you want to keep the end result as clean and as “esoteric” as
> possible (which I plan to do), you avoid things like VCA's, relays and
> anything digital or even CMOS. It's only going to be hand operated, gold
> contact switches and minimal amplifier stages.
> That said, I'd like to see more opinions and wish list features
> regarding this thread.

I agree on not including anything esoteric like VCAs -- my experience is 
that they're very seldom sonically neutral.

For listening purposes, I'd include a mono switch, but I make the feed 
to the recorder strictly stereo.

Coincidentally, I'm also in the last stages of dessigning a preamp that 
can be used for 78s and other non-RIAA discs. I say "can be used" 
because there are versions for RIAA-only and variable EQ. It doesn't 
have a line-level in to the equalizer, because that's something I do in 
software for remastering.

I would suggest including a high-pass filter in your design. Mine has 
one with switchable frequencies, 2nd-order Bessel, switchable to 16Hz 
3rd-order Bessel for LPs. It can be bypassed.

When mine gets done, I plan to write it up for audioXpress. Actually 
both versions -- RIAA and variable-curve. The same circuit board can be 
used for a microphone preamp, by the way.


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