And this was just shared on John Tefteller's Facebook page:

"AMERICAN EPIC" is coming to PBS this Fall.
For the past seven years, I have been intimately involved in a super secret film project called "AMERICAN EPIC" Since it is in the New York Times today and word is leaking out all over the internet, I am going to say what I can right now.

This project is going to the absolute BEST documentary ever done on 1920's and 20's rural American music, with a special emphasis on Blues.

You will see film footage that you could only have dreamed existed, in your wildest possible dreams. You will see photos not seen since they were taken back in the 1920's and 30's. And you will hear music like you have never, ever, heard it before.

I have spent a good part of my life trying to figure out how to take 1920's and 30's recordings and make them sound like they were recorded yesterday. I am happy to announce that now, that is possible. You will be BLOWN AWAY by the sound quality and all future re-issues of old music will have to be judged by the standards presented in the soundtrack of AMERICAN EPIC. My next Blues Calendar, for 2016, will be done using these same methods. If you like the way my CD's sound now, just hang onto your hats for the next one!

AMERICAN EPIC is being done properly and to the highest possible standards. No compromises here!

This film series is not just another Blues documentary. Yes, Blues is a big part of the focus, but other styles of rural American music are featured as well. AMERICAN EPIC tells the story of the way the record industry changed the world in the 1920's and how and why this period is the most innovative of all. The series allows the music and the surviving relatives of those who made it to speak for themselves and gives you insights and information never before revealed.

Many of my friends and associates have been involved to one degree or another and they include: Richard Nevins, Sherwin Dunner, Michael Kiefer, Joe Bussard, Joe Lauro, Pete Whelan and many more---a virtual who's who of collectors and experts.

If I have got your attention and you want to see and hear more, just look up AMERICAN EPIC right here on Facebook and you can watch a "teaser" and keep up with the latest developments. Airtime will be this coming Fall on PBS. I probably can't answer too many questions at this point but trust me on this, you are going to LOVE this film series--even if you are not into Blues---all you have to do is appreciate early American music and great storytelling!

Brenda Nelson-Strauss
Head of Collections
Archives of African American Music and Culture
Indiana University
2805 E. 10th, Suite 180
Bloomington, IN 47408
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Agreed.  And keep in mind that one of the commentators (talking heads) is Jack Whyte, the rock musician involved in the Paramount Records releases, who can seem to be making stuff up on the spot, when I have seen him on TV before.  I heard him discuss why digital recording is no good because of the gaps it leaves between the samples. Right, right, right.

Best, John

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> Dear John,
> Thanks for posting the link. I saw it in today's paper with my tea and 
> giggled just a bit so as not to spill any. It's a stretch, to put it 
> kindly, that record companies went searching for racial, ethnic and 
> rural genres because of sales declines due to radio. The fact that 
> those records found an audience seems a more persuasive explanation. 
> Another one of those wrongheaded Brit conclusions about American 
> culture, but it will be good to have the material on PBS, even if the 
> format will be snippets of audio awash in voice-overs.
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