Von: John Schroth <[log in to unmask]>

> Good question - I should have been more specific. Classical mostly 
> although I might have an interest in picking up some theatre as well.

This is a list of Theater Organ music that Kurt Greske sent me
almost 10 years ago:

> Hi David,
>         From these guys:
>         "Chicago" Banda 61949 and "Chicago Two" Banda 42192F for
> starters.  Actually the two best recordings of a big Wurlitzer
> theatre organ ever done.  Late enough to have been done on an AG-440.
>         Then "George Wright at the Fox Volume 1" Banda 9211 and
> "George Wright at the Fox Volume 2" Banda 109455.  Made on an Ampex
> 350 three track master.
>         If you're still interested after these, I can expand the
> list, but don't be distracted by other things from these guys before
> you get these first.

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