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> I can't recall if it was Yamaha or Studer digital consoles, but I 
> think you are correct in your descriptions of "4D". being a true DDD 
> system in that the last time anything was analog was when the mic 
> plugged into the console and the mic preamp went to a ADC.

The DG 4D system was comprised of a stagebox containing custom remote mic preamps and Yamaha converters that connected digitally at 24 bits/44.1/48k to an RTW bit splitter that allowed them to record 24 bit 16 track on a Sony3324. The signal was also distributed to the input of a pair of Yamaha
DMC-1000 digital consoles.  The normal orchestral kit that I would see here in the states was a pair or three stage boxes with a pair of machines for
32 track recording. It was basically modular and could be scaled for the job.
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