I experience that in ProTools when I have it set up to send a bus mix to a stereo destination for recording, but I just want to monitor something before I start recording.  The work around for that is to use the "send" function on all of the tracks you're sending to the record tracks, to send these tracks also to your monitor.  Or simply to record while you're listening to what ever you want to hear and then erase the recording when you're finished.

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 That can happen in Pro Tools if input-only monitoring is selected - it’ll monitor-thru but only play the track for a millisecond at start and stop. Perhaps there is such a toggle in Wavelab? I haven’t used it but the symptom is familiar.

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> My output is set up so the proper channels are shown to and from the converter.  When I star it, the cursor moves and I sometimes hear a brief fragment of the point from which it starts, after which it is silent.  It's very frustrating.
> Steve