Hello, I'm currently trying to complete a project regarding the archival
imaging of audio media, particularly vinyl records/LPs. I was wondering if
anyone on the listserv is currently undergoing projects to capture images
of items such as LPs. If so, would you be willing to share why you think
that this kind of project is important and should be funded and completed?
Some questions that I am currently trying to gather information for

Why do you believe these types of projects and initiatives are important?
How are these projects funded?
Who completes the work?
What type of equipment is used, and why?
How and where are the images stored?

Any insight or comments would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to respond
off-list as well, although it isn't necessary.

Thank you!

Allison Bohm
Indiana University
​ Student​
​Music Librarianship Specialization, Archives and Records Management
MDPI SMARTeam Member
LAMC Technical Services Assistant