Do you think they are referring to the multitrack masters (probably on 2-inch) or the stereo masters on 1/4-inch? I could believe the multi tracks unplayable.

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Check out the details on this announcement of the remaster of Tom Petty's analog albums:

It's disturbing that master tapes from the late 1970s and early 1980s are now considered "unplayable." Without knowing any specifics, I wonder if the tapes had gooey splices and needed baking because they were sticky-shed. The baking would make the splices even worse, but I think they still might be cleanable with enough time, a very well-vented space and lots of naptha. It would be pain-staking, but possibly doable. The other thing that might have happened is that the tapes went sticky and someone rewound them without baking them, which would likely ruin them due to massive oxide-pulls.

If anyone knows anyone involved in this project, tell them that as long as they tapes weren't rewound when sticky, they might be salvagable. Also, if anyone has tapes they can donate to research that are both gooey-spliced and sticky-shed, I'd like to experiment. I'm wondering about a soak in a tub of naptha, then thorough drying before baking (obviously, very important for all of the explosive/flammable naptha to evaporate before baking). The idea would be, dissolve as much splice goo as possible before baking, then very carefully unspool and repair/replace splices after baking. This is just a theory right now, I have not tested it.

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