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*Janis Joplin was taped in 1963 & '65 with **Dick Oxtot*

* jazz bands in the San Francisco area, years before her Rock career.
Oxtot had a unique talent for spotting and hiring good female singers.  As
with Joplin, they were often diamonds in the rough, recruited from the Folk
music scene, or destined for success in other genres.*

The dates, locations and personnel of the Oxtot-Joplin sessions have only
recently come into focus.  They were taped formally and informally at
various locations: Oxtot’s Berkeley home, and possibly at a bar in San
Francisco or Berkeley radio station KPFA-FM.

One of my informants, Dave Greer, who was present at parties when Janis
sang with the band, says Oxtot played cornet on those occasions.  (He soon
gave up the horn completely for banjo, singing and bandleading.)  Notable
players on these sessions include: trombone player Jim Leigh, and
clarinetists Earl Scheelar and Frank Goudie.

Despite the rawness of her voice she had an unmistakable feeling for the
blues, and expressive commitment that transcended her technical
limitations.  The poignant irony of this original tune, “What Good Can
Drinkin’ Do,”  is that Joplin killed herself with drinking and drugs by age