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> I completely coat the playing surface of the record with my cleaning
> solution (1 drop of Sunlight in about a cup of water). I place a new steel
> needle in the gramophone at the start of the record, then play about 15 - 20
> seconds of the record to grind the needle to the shape of the groove ...

> ...By using the gramophone like a lathe, it makes even a very grey record shiny
> again.

I'm probably not the first person here who has been told, over and
over by the experts, that you only play a shellac record wet as a
last resort, and you can only do it once, because doing so damages
the surface by forcing moisture into the fibrous filler in the shellac.
I have a hard time reconciling that contention with yours.  I'm not
asserting that you're wrong, I'm just expressing my confusion.

(And add me to the list of people who don't know what "Sunlight" is.)

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