Posted to Autocat, Bibframe, and MARC.

MARC needs development, and Bibframe needs provisions, to cope with
the complexities of the bibliographic universe.

As just one example, consider the ISBN.

Contrary to the assumption of some MARC duplication identification
programs, and some Bibframe advocates, each ISBN does not represent a
different manifestation.

Some manifestations have a different ISBN for each binding, be it
hardback, paperback, library, or delux.  Many sets have an ISBN for
the set, and for each individual volume.  Kits may have ISBNs for
items in the kit, with or without one for the kit itself.  Serials may
have an ISSN for the serial, but ISBNs for individual volumes,
particularly yearbooks.  Contrary to expectations, some producers of
nonbook materials such as DVDs are assigning ISBNs; an ISBN no longer
means a book.

Utlas (unlike MARC) had an 021 field for analytical ISBNs.  The only
way we have found to prevent unwanted merging by ISBN is to code
analytical ISBNs as 020$z. which is clearly wrong (MARCEdit does not
like 020 in a serial record), but this does allow collections folk and
patrons to find by ISBN an individual volume or item in a larger
resource.  We need a MARC field or subfield code for analytical ISBNs,
as one example of needed MARC development, as would Bibframe need a
label (which are getting quite lengthy to make distinctions aren't

While working on a possible replacement, please let us continue to
improve what we have.  We will be using present systems for some time.

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