I'm currently working on a pilot project to describe a collection of
unprocessed serials using BIBFRAME, and I'm wondering whether anyone who
has tested or worked on the current vocabulary has focused on how it
represents serials, specifically.

I'm finding that BF seems to preserve the stringy data from MARC (although
sometimes with a loss of semantics--for example, just a general bf:note for
MARC's 515 field[1]) while ignoring some of the structured data in the
fixed fields[2][3].

For serials, the 008 field[4] lets you be pretty specific about things like
Publication Status, Frequency, Regularity, Type of Continuing Resource,
etc., with coded values for each. I'm not a serials cataloger, but this
kind of data seems worth recording/preserving, doesn't it?


[2] Sample MARC record:
[3] Converted to BF:

Tim A. Thompson
Metadata Librarian (Spanish/Portuguese Specialty)
Princeton University Library