I hadn't seen this before, but the Library extension of Zepheira's actually includes a Continuing Resources subclass (of
Work?) and several properties drawn from the MARC fixed fields[1].

What do denizens of the BIBFRAME list make of Prior to
looking closely at the website, I was under the impression that
"Bibframe Lite" was essentially a pared-down version of the LC vocabulary.
However, on closer inspection, it actually strikes me as quite
different--and anything but "lite." I understand the principle that "anyone
can say anything about anything," but won't this parallel vocabulary--with
virtually the same namespace--inevitably breed confusion? Zepheira's has an open, CC license, but I wasn't able to find a link to the
current RDF ontology anywhere on the website.



Tim A. Thompson
Metadata Librarian (Spanish/Portuguese Specialty)
Princeton University Library