I should also note that AFAIK nothing (with one exception [1]) is being 
done with indicators in that BF code. Indicators are important [2] and 
can even change the meaning of a field, as in the 100 where:

0 - Forename
1 - Surname
3 - Family name

without the indicators there is no way to know that this is a family 
name, not the name of a person[3]:

*100* 	*3#**$a*Farquhar family.

Again, presumably this table may not cover everything that is done with 
the MARC data by the program, but leaving off an analysis of the 
indicators seems unwise.

[2] Partial analysis of indicators:, with a section 
on those that change the meaning of the field.
[3] A better data design would have been to give families their own tag, 
but this is a good example of where MARC doesn't follow best practices 
for data, and another reason to not carry forward MARC practices. The 
use of indicators is a mess of different purposes... well, I could go 
on. Just read [2] (which is probably not complete)

On 4/22/15 4:40 PM, Karen Coyle wrote:
> Well, in the famed "this is not code" Zepheira python module with the 
> MARC-to-BF mapping[1], there is no listing for 006, 007 or 008.
> kc
> [1] 
> On 4/22/15 2:18 PM, Tim Thompson wrote:
>> All,
>> I'm currently working on a pilot project to describe a collection of 
>> unprocessed serials using BIBFRAME, and I'm wondering whether anyone 
>> who has tested or worked on the current vocabulary has focused on how 
>> it represents serials, specifically.
>> I'm finding that BF seems to preserve the stringy data from MARC 
>> (although sometimes with a loss of semantics--for example, just a 
>> general bf:note for MARC's 515 field[1]) while ignoring some of the 
>> structured data in the fixed fields[2][3].
>> For serials, the 008 field[4] lets you be pretty specific about 
>> things like Publication Status, Frequency, Regularity, Type of 
>> Continuing Resource, etc., with coded values for each. I'm not a 
>> serials cataloger, but this kind of data seems worth 
>> recording/preserving, doesn't it?
>> Tim
>> [1]
>> [2] Sample MARC record: 
>> [3] Converted to BF: 
>> [4]
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>> Tim A. Thompson
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