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As an alumni of the Zepheira BIBFRAME training, I've been meaning to ask similar questions. I have less concern with the use of multiple vocabularies than I do with not being able to confirm that a bf:Work is the same as a bibfra.me:Work.  Because we've been taught that the URIs are what identify things (including classes and properties)... without seeing the OWL/RDFS for equivalent class/property assertions we can't make any machine interpretable (honestly, human interpretable) understanding of the relationships between bibfra.me and BIBFRAME. If bibfra.me made equivalent class assertions with BIBFRAME (similar to FOAF making equivalent class assertions with schema.org classes, http://xmlns.com/foaf/spec/index.rdf), it would clear a lot of things up.

When I Google "bibfra.me RDFS" I see examples of library resources from the Denver Public Library marked up in RDF in the Google snippets (cool). But… they’re typed in the bibfra.me namespace, and I get sent to the Denver Public Library page for the library resource where I can’t get to the RDF. Maybe some day soon when the ontologies settle down library resource pages will expose their RDF under the "librarian view" link. Equally useful would be to see the bibfra.me OWL/RDFS.

Eric and others from Zepheira, Is there a bibfra.me ontology file to look at? How can we access the RDF for DPL and other Libhub partner’s collections?


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I confess to some confusion over what is happening here, given Bibframe’s enthusiasm for a more centralised vocabulary[*] under the aegis of LC but Zepheira’s energy and apparent independence in pushing Bibframe (or variations of it) forward together with, for instance, the NLM’s rethinking of the issue.









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I hadn't seen this before, but the Library extension of Zepheira's http://bibfra.me actually includes a Continuing Resources subclass (of Work?) and several properties drawn from the MARC fixed fields[1].

What do denizens of the BIBFRAME list make of http://bibfra.me? Prior to looking closely at the bibfra.me website, I was under the impression that "Bibframe Lite" was essentially a pared-down version of the LC vocabulary. However, on closer inspection, it actually strikes me as quite different--and anything but "lite." I understand the principle that "anyone can say anything about anything," but won't this parallel vocabulary--with virtually the same namespace--inevitably breed confusion? Zepheira's bibfra.me has an open, CC license, but I wasn't able to find a link to the current RDF ontology anywhere on the website.



[1] http://bibfra.me/view/library/marc/ContinuingResources/

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