A part work is considered a work in its own right, with its own title proper (RDA For example, the first book of the Iliad is considered a work in RDA with the title proper "Book 1." Since that's not useful by itself, the title of the larger work is also included, and title component for the authorized access point for Book 1 becomes $a Iliad. $n Book1. Same for part works with part titles. 

The MARC Bib Format has several illustrations of the use of $n and $p in a 245 title, e.g.:

245 10 $a Faust. $n Part one.
245 00 $a Dissertation abstracts. $n A, $p The humanities and social sciences.

This also illustrates the problem with treating 245 as a carrier for both transcribed and authorized access points.  Neither of these 245s are acceptable AAPs--RDA instructs us to use "Faust. 1. Theil" in the first case, preferring the original language and a numeric rather than verbal designation of sequence.  LC/PCC prefers to drop initial articles from the start of part titles, but transcription retains the "The" in the $p in the second case. The added $n $p subfield coding might appear to promise a title usable as the work AAP, but really it doesn't.  But the coding does indicate text which needs to be regarded as preferred or variant title proper information for the part work being named in the 245.



On Sat, Apr 18, 2015 at 7:18 AM, Kirk-Evan Billet <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Here is an example of a significant 245 ‡n (multiple compilations with essentially the same title) :

100 1  ‡a Schubert, Franz, ‡d 1797-1828.
240 10 ‡a Songs. ‡k Selections
245 14 ‡a The Hyperion Schubert edition. ‡n 14 : ‡b Complete songs = Sämtliche Lieder = Mélodies

Many many 240s of this type :

100 1  ‡a Kodály, Zoltán, ‡d 1882-1967.
240 10 ‡a Quartets, ‡m violins (2), viola, cello, ‡n no. 1, op. 2
245 10 ‡a I. vonósnégyes : ‡b quartetto d'archi no. 1 : op. 2 / ‡c Zoltán Kodály.

But here is a work title question that has been terrorizing me: under MARC-to-Bibframe, how can we
deal with additional titles hidden in 245 ‡c ?

245 03 ‡a La péri / ‡c Dukas. The three-cornered hat ; Harpsichord concerto / De Falla.

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